Project Wet


a waterWith a third year of drought upon us, there has never been a better time for children to learn the value of water – that every drop counts.

Utilizing a curriculum developed by the Project Wet Foundation, LifeSTEPS introduced the program to children attending after school programs in our Desert (Riverside/San Bernardino) Region in 2014/15.

LifeSTEPS’ staff members attended 6-hour training workshops to prepare for the class, focusing onWOW! The Wonders of Wetlands. Children learned about: what wetlands are, wetlands plants and animals, water quality and supply issues, and how they could create a community wetland habitat. In addition to receiving the valuable environmental education, the program helped children improve math and language skills.

Gary, a student in the Project Wet class, said ““We do some really interesting science here, like when we learned about the patterns in rivers and the human body, or how rain travels down mountains. That was a lot fun!”

“The children really loved the program,” says Zoila Parodi, Regional Director of Social Services for LifeSTEPS’ Desert Region. “It challenged them in a fun way.”

Viewed as a pilot project, the excellent reception by the children has led LifeSTEPS to expand the program throughout the rest of Southern California in 2015, and throughout the rest of California in 2016.

“We are deeply committed to providing children with a broad range of science, math and language arts education through our after school programs,” said Beth Southorn, LifeSTEPS Executive Director. “Project Wet is just one of the programs we offer that gives the children we serve an extra academic edge.”

For more information about the Project Wet program, please go to


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