Children at Cottonwood Community in Moreno Valley Learn Science and Math from Extraterrestrials!

Utilizing the Zula education program, children in Moreno Valley enrolled in the LifeSTEPS after school program engaged in science and math education in a way that makes learning these subjects fun and thought provoking.

Based upon the Zula Patrol cartoon that appears on Qubo and public television stations, the band of extraterrestrial travelersCottonwood - Danielle Camua Brenda Bonilla introduce children to different science concepts. Subjects range from the environment to building simple machines, challenging children to utilize critical thinking skills, especially in math.

“I liked learning about simple machines,” says Brenda, a 6th grade student. “The one I like most was the wedge. There are many objects that I didn’t know were a wedge that we use every day like a spatula.”

Overall the children engaged in the program responded quite favorably, with 94% improving their understanding of science concepts based upon pre and post program assessments.

The program was also introduced to kids in Sacramento, who shared similar enthusiasm and results.

“Science education is extremely important,” Says LifeSTEPS Executive Director, Beth Southorn. “Children from families with modest means often don’t have the advantages that other children may have. That’s why we provide programs like Zula. It gives them the extra help they need to succeed.”

“The children found the Zula program to be very interesting and informative. They had fun with the projects and learned new things.” Says Zoila Parodi, LifeSTEPS Senior Regional Director of Social Services for the Desert Region. “They learned how they could apply the principles they learned to everyday life.”

For more information on the Zula program, and LifeSTEPS services for children, please go to


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