LifeSTEPS After School Program Brings Peace

ValerieValerie is the oldest of three children.  She resides at Cottage Estates with her Spanish speaking parents where she also attends the LifeSTEPS After School Program.  She is bright and helpful  at home and at the ASP.  At home she assists with translation providing a vital communication link between her parents and the community in which they live.  She also provides childcare for her three year old brother.

At the After School Program she helps the Program Coordinator with activities and her peers and the younger children with their homework.  As a teenager she is discovering her place between the carefree world of childhood and the responsibilities of a young adult.

The LifeSTEPS After School Program is supporting Valerie’s transition by providing a safe place for her to meet with friends, get homework help and learn life skills, such as peacefully resolving personal differences with other youth.  LifeSTEPS provided mediation services to Valerie and another ASP participant to help them settle a misunderstanding and what was once a troubled relationship has blossomed into a friendship


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