LifeSTEPS ASP Helps Child Focus on Success

LifeSTEPS staff at Palm Communities’ San Jacinto describe Kelly as a “bright, high energy, clever and funny young lady.”  She is super creative and loves to help the Program Coordinator at the After School Program.  She has been attending for over two years, and although these character attributes make her very charming, she sometimes has trouble focSan Jacinto ASPusing.

To help Kelly maximize her great qualities the PC and Kelly’s mom have collaborated to establish simple and consistent guidelines for communication.  These guidelines include keeping eye contact when talking with others, listening quietly and waiting for her turn to share, sitting in one place while doing homework and using an indoor voice when in the community room.  This behavior is being modeled and she is also receives verbal instruction during program hours and at home.

It is evident in Kelly’s behavior that this uncomplicated strategy is working.  Very little prompting is needed when she is working on her homework or participating in group activities.  The partnership between the LifeSTEPS Program Coordinator and Kelly’s mom delivers a consistent message about acceptable behavior.  The skills she is learning now are improving her academic success and having a positive impact on the way she interacts with others.


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