Teaching Children Healthy Nutrition is a Priority for LifeSTEPS

At one of our communities in California’s Inland Empire, families have access to weekly after school programming.  At LifeSTEPS After School Programs youth are introduced to new ideas and encouraged to explore their creativity.

Earlier thisSan Remo year nearly 25 youth from the community learned about Health and Nutrition in “hands-on” sessions where they prepared healthy snacks, such as protein balls, pita pockets filled with peanut butter and assorted fresh fruits and Strawberry Smoothies.

This class was on topic with LifeSTEPS adult education class themes of the same month; creating an opportunity for parents and children to engage in conversations around health and wellness.

Our youth program was further supported by a donation of “Choose My Plate” pamphlets and recipe books from nutritionists at the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools.  The literature illustrated the five food groups and was an exciting take home for the kids.

The kids enjoyed preparing their own food and were enthused about the prospect of healthy food tasting good.   Food safety was also covered.  The goals of the class were successfully reached; the kids were introduced to nutritious food ideas as well as thinking about making better food choices.


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