Helping Single Mom Through a Tough Time

What would it be like to be a single mother, raising three young children (two of whom were autistic), and find a lump on your lymph nodes? And then, added to that, you were a victim of identity theft, leaving your bank account drained while rent and other financial obligations were due?

Unfortunately, Denise E. found herself in that position. The sole provider for her family, Denise Theresa Ewing USA Properties Terracina Springlake CA Photounderwent a biopsy (and is awaiting the results). During this time of stress and worry, her bank account was hacked and all her money stolen. As she attempted to sort through this trauma, her rent became late, putting her in danger of being evicted.

Thankfully, Denise lived in an affordable community that LifeSTEPS serves. She reached out to her social worker for help. First and foremost the social worker provided to Denise the emotional support and stability she so desperately needed during this difficult trial. Next, she assisted Denise in reinstating her bank account, filing the necessary paperwork required. She also helped her apply to LifeSTEPS’ Client Assistance fund, which provided her with temporary financial assistance to pay her rent. Finally, she helped Denise reach out to other local social services that could help with other necessities (like Cal Fresh).

We are grateful that LifeSTEPS can be of service to people like Denise who need help during their most difficult circumstances. Even more gratifying is that Denise not only received the help she needed, but is also gaining valuable knowledge and skills via our financial and other education programs.

We are keeping Denise and her children in our prayers, hoping for a speedy and complete recovery, while also establishing a hope for their future.


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