LifeSTEPS After School Programs Promote Self Confidence and Leadership

AngelaAngela has been coming to the LifeSTEPS After School Program at Palm Community’s Rancho Dorado since February 2014.  The After School Program has been a safe, stable haven for Angela since her own school environment had become unbearable.  Being in Junior high is tough enough, but Angela was getting bullied at school as well. Without an end in sight, her parents decided it was best for her to transfer to a new school. Though the bullying subsided, the transition to a new school was still difficult for Angela and her LifeSTEPS’ After School Program Coordinator (PC) noticed she was having a hard time in social situations.

A little extra one on one attention from the LifeSTEPS PC helped to bolster Angela’s self-confidence. Angela also discovered a new world in literature during the LifeSTEPS Summer Reading Program. She excelled as a reader and was soon reading at the 11th grade level and helping the younger children to read too. She’s now always quick to volunteer whether it’s cleaning up at day’s end or helping other’s with their homework. This new found leadership role within the After School Program has helped Angela weather the changes of going to a new school and gain new ways to express herself. Her parents have noticed the positive changes in their daughter too which they attribute to both the change in schools and to the mentoring she has received from the LifeSTEPS Program Coordinator.

LifeSTEPS is proud to be part of Angela’s progress through her challenges. It has been rewarding to help her identify what she’s good at and give her an opportunity to use these skills to benefit others.

*Not her real name


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